Beckman Coulter Act diff Hematology Blood Analyzer

Ac•T 5diff OV enables low-volume labs to advance to 5-part differential analysis at an affordable price. This analyzer delivers accurate test results and a user-friendly software interface in a compact design. Three user-definable patient and action ranges for enhanced flexibility 


Hematology analyzers

ELECSYS 2010   Hormone Assay Machine

Designed for medium immunoassay test volumes or as a back-up to main high volume immunoassay analyzers.


The Elecsys 2010 Rack System streamlines processes and allows for smooth implementation of laboratory automation. Offers: 88 tests per hour, 15 channels, Random access Test Menu include: Thyroid Function Tests, Cardiac Functions Assays, Fertility Hormones, Tumour Markers, Anemia Studies and  Infectious viral diseases testing. 



Pulse Oximeters, 

INR anti coagulation monitors, 


A1c monitors

Cholesterol analyzer

Point of Care machines

Beckman Coulter LH780 wot 


Enumeration of NRBCs with every CBC/DIFF is automatic as well, eliminating the need for additional reagents or reflex testing. Even the three principal body fluids - cerebrospinal fluid, serous fluids and synovial fluids - are analyzed automatically


Stat analyzer

Stat profile pHox Plus L  All in One Analyzer

Stat blood gases pH, PCo2, PO2, O2Sat, Stat Hgb and Hct

Electrolytes: Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca2+.

Chemistry: Glucose, Lactate


On board data management system. On board quality control with liquid calibration

Microsample size (Neonatal to adult sample compatible)

Approved for world wide use



Picollo stat analyzer

Single test single test cartridge system for 

Stat chemistry, 

Stat LFTs,

Stat lipid panel 

Stat amylase and lipase tests.


Autopsy and Mortuary equipment including:

Autopsy tables

Ventilated tissue storage cabinets

Body trays


Histopathology equipment:

Hits-Pathology Equipment and Supplies

Immunoassay analyzers

Automatic tissue processing machines

Microwave tissue processors

Automatic slide strainers and cover slippers

Continous Linear stainers

Tissue embedding stations

Tissue Floatation baths

Stretching tables

Ultrasonic decalcifying automat

Tissue drying ovens, cool plates


Centrifuges, automatic paraffin filtering machines

Lab consumables

Tri-ocular microscopes with digital cameras

Turn key Tele-pathology labs with online tumor boards


Grossing Stations

Embedding Machines

Tissue Flotation baths

Coolling units: Cool plates, table fitted cool units

Cutting Microtome

Fume absorbers

Paraffin recycling station

Slide stainers

Automatic Cover slippers

Automatic combination stainer and cover-slipper


Dissecting tables

Autopsy carts

Hydraulic cadaver carriers

Morgue refrigerators etc.




Branding and Labeling Rotoscriber

Microscopes and digital histopathology cameras

Automatic slide scanners

Turn key Tele pathology suite

Autopsy Equipment

Mortuary equipment and supplies


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