Ascendia Health provides a turnkey facility management services for imaging centers, hospitals and other specialized treatment centers.




We offer diagnostic and pathology centers with modern equipments and physical design with cutting edge work flow that guarantees first rate supply chain management.


The needs of a hospital and the service scope of its health care delivery must be closely matched to the equipment which is purchased to meet that goal. Our consultants will deliver smart counsel and develop pragmatic solutions to meet these management goals for your hospital or facility.  


Because these major hospital equipment purchases tend to be capital intensive, such assets (equipments) acquisition decisions must also take into consideration the need for maintenance optimization and lifecycle management of such acquired assets or equipment.


The management and consultancy services are indispensible in providing guidance at critical steps along the decision making continuum. It is encouraged to have a consultant on board earlier rather than later when problems reach a crisis stage. 


Managing a service delivery system that is as complex as a hospital requires top notch skilled and experienced professionals who have travelled the road before. Our team comprises Physicians, Nurse Managers, Hospital administrators and Lawyers with experience in regulatory compliance as well as business managers.



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